Recent media clips concerning Lake Weyba and development issues…

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September 2016
Major eco fight has real value

22 September 15
Victory toast for Lake defenders

4 September 15
Walkers find rain enhances flowers

25 August 15
Counting the cost of failed legal challenge

24 July 2015
Mayor Noel Playford has his say on developer’s political donations

21 July 2015
Friends of Lake Weyba see an end to development proposal

10th Feb 2015
Alliance takes heart

15 Aug 14
Walking with the Wildflowers

8 April 2014
Noosa News Stick to the Plans

4 April 2014
Noosa News Mayor’s Easy Decision

4 April 2014
Noosa News Council Back Refusal

March 2014
Noosa News Help Care For Lake Weyba West

24 january 2014
Noosa news Reject the development

10 january 2014
Noosa News Let’s tap into beauty of the lake

10 january 2014
Noosa News making new stand

7 January 2014
Noosa News Noosa Council wins control

3 January 2014
Noosa News Lets not let the Noosa gains be developed away

2 January 2014
Noosa Today Building the vision

2 January 2014
Noosa Today Locals slam creatively edited statistics

20 December 2013
Noosa News Plans may driver tourists away

17 December 2013
Noosa News Even the kids say lake vital

10 December 2013
Noosa News Claims Challenged

10 December 2013
Noosa News Stringent checks ensure quality

6 Dec 2013
NN Spending big to make plan better

6 December 2013
Noosa News Info delays frustrating

3 December 2013
Noosa News Noosa Say in Weyba unfair

3 December 2013
Noosa News Call for one last big push

3 December 2013
Sunshine Coast Daily NOW Claims Of Benefit To Koalas Scorned

29 November 2013
Noosa News Developer Says Noone Asked For Tour

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