Vision & Goals

The association, Friends of Lake Weyba, is defined by a vision to strive to achieve and maintain environmental excellence for Lake Weyba and the adjacent Noosa River catchment. The association seeks to sustain and enhance the natural and social qualities of the Lake Weyba area as a natural and social asset for the local and wider Noosa community, and the surrounding Region.

jabiru_300The objects of the Association are to:

  • Protect the lungs of the Noosa River system: Lake Weyba and its catchment area. A highly sensitive environment with endangered eco systems and valued fish habitat.
  • Maintain the profile and values of the Noosa area by working together to prevent inappropriate development and by ensuring the integrity of the existing planning schemes and laws are upheld.
  • Consult with elected officials and government staff to ensure policies and planning practises preserve and enhance the quality of life in the Lake Weyba and Noosa area for residents and visitors.
  • Encourage public involvement in development issues to influence a balanced and sustainable outcome between human impact, built environment and the natural environment of the Lake Weyba area.


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