30 August 2013 Noosa News/ Wonders of the wallum wanders

Wonders of the wallum wandersTHE Sunshine Coast Wildflower Festival, sponsored by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, has been in full bloom as a coastal revelation to many first timers.

On one weekend two walks showcased the special nature that is Lake Weyba’s wallum wonderland.

More than 80 walkers joined Friends of Lake Weyba and expert guides to explore the biodiversity of the western shore at the Weyba Nature Refuge, and the splendour of the wet and dry heathland of the Marcus High Dunes that boasts extensive vistas across to Lake Weyba and our stunning coastline.

Armed with a species list of over 100 different plants, with even more identified along the way, the west Weyba biodiversity walk on Saturday proved to be especially fascinating as expert guides Marc Russell and Sonia Macdonald shared a mere fraction of their knowledge with walkers.

Under the guidance of botanists Janet Whish-Wilson and Shirley Williamson, Sunday saw novices and enthusiasts alike appreciating the delicate, vibrant carpet of blooms that make up the evolutionary wallum wonderland of Marcus High Dunes.

The coastal heathlands of the northern Sunshine Coast are part of the Maroochy-Noosa Wallum Corridor, and are listed as part of the National Estate and are the largest remaining area of heathland on the Sunshine Coast.

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