16 October 2013 Noosa Independant “Weyba development clarification”

Weyba development application clarification

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Dear Editor,

I would like to clarify a vital point in Tuesday’s Noosa News (Oct 15) reporting of the Weyba development application. Councillor Green was quoted as saying, “the area has an approval for about 80 lots”.

Those lots are over a kilometre from Lake Weyba. The only approval for the land directly abutting the lake was for a low key rural holiday accommodation complex known as “Windsong” applied for 1999 that has been extended on numerous occasions since, but was refused by Council on the last occasion. It is currently under appeal by the developer, yet again.

The approval was for 24 small cottages scattered over the same development site that now sees 500 residential allotments being applied for.

Most importantly its approval stipulated a 100 metre fully revegetated buffer zone from Lake Weyba that allowed only “peep holes” for each individual cottage to receive a restricted lake view.

This restriction was PARAMOUNT as it ensured the cottages would be barely visible from Lake Weyba itself.  This is in total contradiction to the NOW application which will cram around 70 one and two dwellings plus three storey townhouses on the lake shore line.

Currently Lake Weyba’s shoreline looks much the same from a boat as it did in pre-European times and is protected.

If we don’t want our great grandchildren pointing the finger at our generation as being responsible for the concrete scar that NOW will leave on the water’s edge forever, then we all must participate in the upcoming Public Notification period which will be advised on Friends of Lake Weyba’s website.

– Bill Tainsh – local Weyba resident.

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