Noosa News | 25th August 2015

THE council has won its legal battle with the Northbrook Corporation over its refusal of the Noosa on Weyba estate, but Mayor Noel Playford remains unimpressed ratepayers have been left out of pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And this is despite the willingness of the would-be developer, which has discontinued its Planning and Environment Court appeal, to meet some of the council’s legal costs.

Cr Playford told the Noosa News: “There is still the matter of legal costs to be determined.

“There are some negotiations going on – they will have to pay some of our costs and they know that,” he said.

“The amount is being negotiated, but it won’t be substantial in terms of total cost of what’s already been expended.

“In other words, it will cost ratepayers hundreds of thousands of dollars even to knock that on the head.”

The mayor said the end of this legal stoush was “still a blessing, thank you very much”.

“It’s just really annoying that it had to cost anything because really there is no case (to approve),” Cr Playford said.


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